Monday, January 30, 2012

SBMNA 9.0: Pink Noise

The Pink Lights cut five backing tracks last night (01.29.12). Finally, the first studio recordings of this already legendary trio are underway. Produced by self-proclaimed chief-songwriter/bassist/megalomaniac Mike O'Shaughnessy (on the condition that final mixdown is handled by Jim O'Shaughnessy, the digital dictator).

Drums (Pete O'Shaughnessy) and guitar (Jim) recorded on a Fostex MR-8HD (using three mics) in Pete's living room. Coffee was served (though, to Jim's dismay, no mini-tacos).

Tracks include:
"Country Dark"
"Match in Mettle"
"Higher Than the Tide"

Sleeping Brothers Records' Art Director Savannah attested to the extreme volume/awesomeness.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SBMNA 8.0: My Christmas Disappointments by The Feebs (Video)

I want my SBTV (Sleeping Brothers Television)! It's the Feebs in his first video (though he's not in it). I whipped up this cheap clip (which took longer than it should have) to showcase the Feebs' classic (g-dammit, yes!) Christmas song. If you've already heard it, you'll agree. If you haven't, stop reading and press play! Then purchase the single below. Come's a lousy 99 cents. Happy holidays!

Monday, October 24, 2011

SBMNA 7.0: "Hell, Back & Back Again" by Trick Dog

Written by Jim and Paul in Cortland, NY (where the weather's more chilling than the song) in their apartment (where the  mood was more chilling than the weather) in 1991 (I'm pretty sure).

The opening line "I have no conscious memory" still holds true for anyone who survived those dark and icy winters. I know there's a demo of Jim doing the song from '91, but this full 4-track version might've been recorded in '92. It was certainly performed in the basement in Old Bethpage because that's exactly what it sounds like, and also, that's where the zither that was massacred had been.

Trick Dog was (and maybe still is) the nom du musique of Jim and Paul whenever they recorded. There are few recordings, none compiled as of yet, although I did a digital transfer of the nearly 9-minute semi-stream-of-consciousness free-form rock improv "Fuck Fuck" from, maybe, '90.

Anyway, this is a certified (I effing certify it!) classic from the Big Casserole years. Suitable for Halloween and always.

01 Hell, Back & Back Again by sleepingbrothers

Friday, September 16, 2011

SBMNA 6.0: "Secretary" by Pizazz

From 2003's The Declining Years comes "Secretary". This was Pizazz' swan song. Actually, the swan sang it's last song in the 90s, but the members of Pizazz tried to squeeze out a few more notes. I listened to this album again the other day, and it's pretty good. The new band on the Sleeping Brothers block is The Pink Lights and "Secretary" is on the short list for inclusion on their debut album (as soon as hey practice it). I wrote it in '03 and I remember having half the first verse in my head before I wrote it down. I'm sure it was inspired by my grandfather's secretary (the piece of furniture, not an actual human secretary).

Download The Declining Years here.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SBMNA 5.0: "Charity" by The Feebs

In 1995, The Feebs (aka Jim O'Shaughnessy) recorded an e.p. in (or maybe near) Raleigh, North Carolina. It sounds like 1995. It rocks like 1995. Jim and Dave (former drummer with Jack's Basement) rented out a practice room where they banged out these four tracks. A bit straightforward sound-wise for The Feebs (lacking the clicks and whirrs of his other recordings), Forage captured that particular mid-90s zeitgeist in which we were all enmeshed.

The Feebs would go on the release a number of other significant LPs throughout the 90s and beyond.

Featured today is the lead track, "Charity." If we are indeed our own favorite charities, make a donation of this song in your name to yourself. And turn it up! Yeah, it's 1995, but it ain't the Goo Goo Dolls!

Download a .zip file of Forage.